In addition to being a national reference in the paper sector, with the internal market consolidated, FORONI continues the growing pace of exports. FORONI develops exclusive products, such as notebooks, calendars and gifts, which have been winning the international public. The major consumers are the United States, followed by Mercosur, Europe and Africa. In the last three years the company has exported more than 1 million notebooks.

In order to sustain this international expansion, the company is careful to adapt its raw material to each specification required in the countries, be it in the details of the covers for the American notebooks, the type of agenda that is used in Chile or in the formats Of European products. And all this combined with innovation, quality and differentiated design has resulted in the great receptivity of FORONI products in the international market.

It is precisely this care and expertise that makes FORONI today one of the largest industries in Brazil, with presence in more than 12 thousand points of sale in the country and abroad.



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