We´ve had an important role in your life during the past 90 years.

Foroni, a Printing Industry, was founded in 1924, in the middle of the First World War, by a young Italian immigrant couple named Primo and Yolanda Foroni, and they began with a small print shop for notebooks and pads in the neighborhood of Ipiranga-São Paulo. As they were familiar with the printing market, the small print shop didn´t take too long to grow. After a few decades of training and experience, expansion and development were unavoidable, which is when offset printing machines were purchased.

Since it was established, Foroni focused on producing quality products. We believe that quality is being able to have the freedom to create and produce the best products with advanced technology and respect for the environment and consumers.

Foroni´s style reflects our experience in the paper industry for the past 90 years and the family´s culture of doing things well done.

We are a company that is open to the world, cultures, styles and different people that inspire us truly. This helps us develop original concepts and authentic products that delight all consumer generations.

Ninety years later, Foroni´s products are spread throughout all of Brazil in thousands of Points of Sale and with millions of consumers. The company is also present in several countries through exporting its products. With great pride we can say: Foroni plays an important part in each of the Brazilians educational and cultural development.

There have been many achievements, but there is still a lot coming!